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PostSubject: Hunters   Hunters Icon_minitimeMon 18 Dec - 17:16

Some tips for stuck hunters that are confused about what talents they want and the reasons for choosing these talents.
. It is often useful to use a tree that is best suited for the type of play that you do
. Eg. It is good to choose survival and Beast mastery for PvP
. Although people think that going in for 51 points of marksmanship is the best for pve this is not always the case, a good combination of survival and marksmanship is often the best case for a PvE hunter
.Some good tips for instance hunters it to choose maximum dps talents such and improving your crit strike chance although marksmanship is said to be the talent tree than boosts hunters attacks survival also has some beginning talents that can boost damage done to specific mobs such as beasts or humanoids

Although these are some very basic points they can dramatically increase your crit strike and damage done by your spells and attacks.
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