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 Application for a warrior..

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Application for a warrior.. Empty
PostSubject: Application for a warrior..   Application for a warrior.. Icon_minitimeMon 25 Dec - 0:47

WARNING: I am currently lvl 45 and I'm not the fastest in the world to level up. If you only accept lvl 60 players PERIOD I hold no grudges, skip to the "reply" button and reject me right away. If not; here is my application:

Name: Klasiant

Class: Warrior (Spec: http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/basics/talents/warrior/talents.html?050250213025100230112100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 "Arms spec, will respec prot at 60)

Race: Human

Level: As stated above, 45

PvP rank: I was corporal before the patch, but I've removed the tag since.

Equipment: Seeing as I have too much free time I have a CTprofile: http://ctprofiles.net/4765715

Current/former guild info: I am in no guild as of now, but I was in Shadow Slayers on my now deleted priest by the same name as this warrior when they started raiding. I was there for a while and stopped raiding. (which wasn't all to popular you can understand, I was a priest) When I later quit WoW I deleted my chars and said "buh-bye" and was gone for a month while I caught up on RL before I descided to come back. But don't get me wrong, they were all a nice bunch of people, and very good players, look at them now!

How did I hear about you guys: I remember hearing about you long ago, and then again just "now" when you've been making your presence known on general channel.

Do I have any inside men/women: Yes. Yes I do. I believe his name is "Nimes" =P

What do I think you are: I think you are a raiding guild seeking to make real progress and maybe relive some of the "glory-days" I seem to remember you had. (Of course I can be wrong there.)

My motivation: Is the wrong answer "epixxxxxxxx"? =P I'm joking. Seeing as warriors are falling on hard times what with Blizzard not liking us and all I was hoping to secure my future as a raiding-tank-style persona.

My knowledge of:

Instances: I know them all except for DM east/west. What raid-instances are concerned I know ZG all through, MC up to Raggy and AQ up to after general. No BWL AQ40 or Naxx experience.

PvP: I'm a bad PvPer at best. Sorry to say so, but I play a warrior and I throw myself laughing and screaming at the closest group of 4-6 hordes where I die a painful death 78% of the time. The rest of the time, I'm in defence either in our flagroom or at stables.

My age: I am. Uhh. 16? Yes, I'm 16. Or. (asks mom) Yep, I'm 16. Wink

Any other things: Uhm. I still go to school and stuff. So if I have really much to do there I have to put that before raiding. Oh, and I go to a theatre group too, which also comes before raiding and WoW.

That's that, I look foreward to hearing from you all!

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Application for a warrior..
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