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PostSubject: RULES TO LIFE UP TOO   RULES TO LIFE UP TOO Icon_minitimeMon 25 Dec - 1:20

1. No Negativity - No blaming people for misatkes/wipes etc. ( Mistakes happen and there is not one person in this entire game who did not learn how to play their chars without making mistakes themselves.)

2. No such thing as a noob - If your in this guild you are no noob, infact the only people who can consider themselves to be a noob are those who have these rules and still find a way not to follow them.

3. Looting during battle - casters have their casting bars in the same spot as the looted item will appear when you are asked to need or greed, can be quite annoying and sometimes a problem especuially when the casters are trying to cast based on timing for things like "Drain mana" etc. Loot after the enemies are down.

4. Silence - when on raids and instances, when the raid leader talks, keep silent, there are people in the raids and imnsatnces who may not be sure on what they should be doing, so allow them some curtosy to see what they need to know so they may perform as we need them to, be considerate.

5. When in battle, be it in raids or instances - melee fighters take into consideration the casters and their need to get mana or hp. If you run into battle before casters can get mana back, then you cannot complain when you do not get healed or there is a lack of ranged dps. As in rule 4...be considerate to your guild members. (only attack when raid-leader say so)

6. 3 strikes and your out - it is as it sounds, discipline has to be respected and paid attention to, you disobey 3 times and there is no good reason for it, then it is clear to see that you disobey for no other reason then selfishness and what you want to achive, there is no "i" in TEAM. You want to be selfish, then play solo.

7. DKP Scoring - you will be awarded or deduted DKP based on conduct, play well and behave and treat other memebers well you will get a bonus, do the opposite and act badly, and you will lose.

8. Raid Conditions; lists will be made for what is actually wanted for each raid as and when numbers allow us to...in other words...a ceratin amount of players of each class, in short if we have 4 huters and all we need is 4 hunters, but we only have 3 preists and we have 1 slot left and it is a choice between a 5th hunter or the 4th preist we neeed, the hunter will lose, it is not to be mean it is for the good of the raid.
Things such as time keeping, performance, helpfulness etc will also be given DKP as all these things help to strengthen the guild, and should be rewarded as an example to others of how to act.

9. In-Expereince - to be experienced you must first be inexpereinced, every one in this game at one point is inexperienced, whether you are lvl 1 or lvl 60....a new member or a GM always there is more to learn. The only crime you can commit based on this is if you do not tell any one that you do not know somthing, then we play and expect you to know what to do and you dont do it, then we will look at you and ask why. That is when you will feel stupid, but do not feel stupid to ask before, talk to your class leaders as in most raids etc the classes do the same things, for example....Bat Boss in ZG - locks will drain mana....simple....so just ask you class leader or another lcok...we are a guild which is made up of class teams, each team wants to do well show they are strong part of the guild, so if you are a lock and you do not know what to do, simply ask class leader or even another lock, and they will tell you, we have channels so only a few people will see your question so no need to feel embarrassed to ask, as your team is there to help you. You only crime will be not to ask.

10. GM's - do not bug the GM's with silly matters, see your class leader first they will solve the problem, if they cannot then they will discuss with GM's and other officers, the GM's have a lot of work to do and do not have time to deal with all the small matters, if you cannot resolve the m,atter yourself, find your class leader first, that is the first person you go to.....if it goes higher than class leader it will be the class leader themself who take it higher, not you. Class leader there for a purpose so use them.
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