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 our dkp system

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PostSubject: our dkp system   our dkp system Icon_minitimeTue 26 Dec - 16:39

How can you earn DKP.

1. Beeing on time (on time is the time set in GC) +5 DKP
2. Every hour in the run + 5 DKP
3. Killing boss + 10 DKP
4. Staying compleet run + 5 DKP

How does the bidding go.

We work with tier system.
The amount of dkp you have decides in what tier you are.
The highest tier have first bid on loot. (if it is there class and if they don't have better).
If no one in that tier wants it the tier below can bid.
Bidding starts at the price that is on our loot table on our DKP site.
( http://www.webdkp.com/dkp.php?view=guild&id=7956)
Because we have a low DKP earning system people will drop to lower tiers fast after buying items.
This makes it a fair system for every one.

You can also loose DKP.

1. By not showing up when you have signed in for raid - 10 DKP.
2. By misbehavior during raid. (amount -DKP decided by raid leader)

Hope you all enjoy the raids
P.S. With questions about this go to your Class Advicer.
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our dkp system
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