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 aplication for a paladin you see

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aplication for a paladin you see Empty
PostSubject: aplication for a paladin you see   aplication for a paladin you see Icon_minitimeMon 23 Apr - 20:11

- your caracter name- Tsompanos
- your caracter class- paladin
- your caracter race- dwarf
- your caracter lvl- 66
- your caracter pvp rank- Carporal Razz
- your caracter equipment (how many, green, blue and epic items)- all blue exept head and trinkets
- your curent guild (or passed ones), your impression about it, and why you are leaving it- not in a guild since i left this one for personal and impersonal reasons...
- how did you hear of Legion of Mebd- i had played with some very good players and spoke with some too...they know
- any contact within Legion of Mebd- yes Smile
- what you think Legion of Mebd is- a guild that you like to be in
- your motivation for entering it- thougth a lot about it and want to come back
- your knowledge on WoW (instance, pvp,...)- hmmm No attuments the other you know... my half and more played time is in the guild quess you know about me
- your age (this is very rarely taken into consideration. Just to know when to moderate our vocabulary...)- age 13 name Liveris country greece etc.
- any other things you may want to tell us- plz look at me like I have ever been in the guild before... I think you understand me you tell now..
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aplication for a paladin you see
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