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 This guild's future

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PostSubject: This guild's future   This guild's future Icon_minitimeTue 29 May - 14:32

For the people don't know Schut. It's my alt. My main is Tjappie now.

There are just a few things i would like to post in here so some thing will be more clear to people about where this guild is going.

At the moment we are following a strict recruitement plan. Not everyone will be invited. Ofc real life mates/girlfriends are welcome.

There are currently some classes we lack in the majority. Especialy Tanks,Mages, Priests. So for recruitements look at these classes the most.

Where is this guild going. Wel we are aiming to start heroics this week. That will say if we got enough people revered with honor hold/ cenarion expedition. The instance i would like to start with is slave pens, cause that is the easiest heroic around.

We do not expect all members to come to raids. And we will certainly never ever force people to raid. Ofc we will get a group of players that will come to almost every raid. People we can count on. The people that want to raid sometimes are welcome to ofc but the will be chosen after the regular raiders... Which is pretty reasonable imo.

What you need for heroic slave pens? First of all revered status with cenarion expedition. (Almost) full blue LEVEL 70 gear. So dont come in your level 63 quest rewards. Heroics are hard and the most important gear is the tanks gear. He has to have loads of stamina, armor and defense in priority.

If your gear lacks pls do not come to an heroic instance since you will let the complete group fail and that will spoil all the fun. We are planning to start out first heroic on wednesday. Not sure if i can be there but i am certainly trying to.

If you got any question, you can ask them here or ask me or another guildmaster/officer ingame.
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Number of posts : 2
Registration date : 2007-04-10

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PostSubject: Re: This guild's future   This guild's future Icon_minitimeFri 1 Jun - 13:28

First Heroic was last Wednesday!

Unfortunatly there where only 2 guildies in this run.. Hope we get full groups soon.

Me (Tjappie) and Bsvs did a heroic Slave Pens and eventually we cleared the instance with our group. We got some nice epic drops and ofc 3 Badges of Justice...

Tonight i am planning to do an Underbog on Heroic. Hope to get a full guild run.
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This guild's future
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