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 Read before asking to be recruited

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Read before asking to be recruited Empty
PostSubject: Read before asking to be recruited   Read before asking to be recruited Icon_minitimeMon 26 Jun - 4:03

Every person willing to be recruited must first of all accept to the guild rules.
Your candidature should look like :
- your caracter name
- your caracter class
- your caracter race
- your caracter lvl
- your caracter pvp rank
- your caracter equipment (how many, green, blue and epic items)
- your curent guild (or passed ones), your impression about it, and why you are leaving it
- how did you hear of Legion of Mebd
- any contact within Legion of Mebd
- what you think Legion of Mebd is
- your motivation for entering it
- your knowledge on WoW (instance, pvp,...)
- your age (this is very rarely taken into consideration. Just to know when to moderate our vocabulary...)
- any other things you may want to tell us

Curently, this is the state for the recruitment of each different classes :
- Hunter :OPEN
- Warlock : OPEN
- Druid : OPEN
- Warrior : OPEN
- Mage : OPEN
- Paladin : OPEN
- Priest : OPEN
- Rogue : OPEN

We may not reply to you recruitment request, but we will try to always do so. Consider that if the recruitment is CLOSE for you class, your chances are very low...
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Read before asking to be recruited Empty
PostSubject: New recruitment conditions   Read before asking to be recruited Icon_minitimeTue 19 Dec - 4:59

We are now only recruiting specific classes:
. Druids
. Priests
. Warlocks

Preference for Druids and priests to be restorations and holy. These will get priority as they are the best builds for raiding

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Read before asking to be recruited
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