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 Guild rules.

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Guild rules. Empty
PostSubject: Guild rules.   Guild rules. Icon_minitimeMon 26 Jun - 3:50

Need to do for al lvl's:

Download groupcalendar 2.2 from www.curse-gaming.com

Need to do for lvl 50+:

Download CT-raidassist from www.curse-gaming.com
Download Teamspeak look it up by google.

Behavior rules:

1. Show respect to each other.
2. No name calling allowed.
3. No begging in guild or in game
4. Behave your self honorable during pick up groups.
5. Don't ninja
6. No proffit on professions for guildies.
7. Try to help each other when possible.
8. When you don't life up to this rules you get 1 warning before you get kicked.


In Legion of Medb it is tradition to help people to get their mount of their first char.
This does not meen we gif them the mount .
No al members are free to donate some money to the Member that turns lvl 40.
And help him to get his mount.
It is no must to donate but it is nice if you do so.
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Guild rules.
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